Friday, September 2, 2016

Fowl Language: Welcome to Parenting - Brian Gordon

Title: Fowl Language: Welcome to Parenting
Author: Brian Gordan
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2016 (Paperback)
Length: 128 pages
Genre: Adult; Parenting, Graphic Novel
Started: September 1, 2016
Finished: September 1, 2016

From the back cover:

Are you a mom or a dad? How wonderful and annoying for you! Do you know someone who will soon have a baby? How exciting and terrifying for them! Are your friends parents too? Of course they are, those poor sons of bitches...

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Fowl Language is for you. And if you answered no, then congratulations, and feel free to sleep in this weekend!

If you're a parent or know people who are, you've probably seen the Fowl Language comic strips floating around the internet. They perfectly capture the frustrations  and joys of being a parent to small children, and every parent can relate to them (while laughing hysterically along the way). The book essentially gathers a large portion of the comics into one volume, and I really hope the author/artist comes out with subsequent books because I will gladly fork over my money if he does. This happens to be one of my favourite ones below:

If you're a parent, you probably already love these comics and own this book. If you're going to be a parent, then you need to buy this, it will make you feel much better about yourself when mommy/daddy guilt threatens to ruin your day.

Thoughts on the cover:
This evokes the style of all the comics, simple, clean, colourful, and funny.

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