Friday, October 1, 2010

Bookworm-y "Squeals of Happiness" Moment

I can literally live for weeks on a moment like this. Remember when I posted on the Mockingjay release party and mentioned the one signed copy of the book that each store got as part of their release kit? The store my nephew and I went to raffled off their copy at the party, and since the author only signed a set number of them specifically for Mockingjay's release, I assumed I'd never see one again. I also assumed that since barely any American authors ever make it up this way into Canada for signings and other events, I was pretty darn sure I'd never see one again.

The gods of printed material proved me wrong.

The Indigo store closest to my house held a silent auction to raise money for a local elementary school to buy books for their library. I glanced at the table of stuff and saw they had a signed copy of Mockingjay! I literally stalked that store for 5 days until bidding closed Thursday night to make sure I had the highest bid on the sheet because I wanted this baby oh so much. I was shocked to find out I was the only person who actually bid on it at all, I was expecting to have to fight for it. But oh well, I have a treasured piece of YA history, the local elementary school has a fair sized donation from me as well as all the other patrons over the past few weeks, and all you can see what Suzanne Collins' autograph looks like!

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  1. That's totally squeal-worthy! Congrats on winning the auction.