Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Came Early: Book Blogger Holiday Swap Part 1

I had a crazy day today. I was teaching grade 1s all day (I normally teach older kids); so although I love the little kids and find them adorable, I feel that I'm saying "Anthony, stop touching Jacob", and "Sarah, stop tattling on Sophia" more than I actually teach on days like today.

But, I came home today to this: part of my Secret Santa package from the Book Blogger Holiday Swap 2010! The package came from Cindy in Quebec. Thank you so much Cindy, you totally made my day ^_^ I was craving chocolate today, and Lindt just happens to be my favourite, so that will be gone by the end of the day ^^; The star ornament is already on our Christmas tree here at home (so pretty), the beaded bookmark is gorgeous, and the notebook is uber cute (and pink!) and well received, I was running out of cute things to write on ^_^

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  1. Andrea, I am so happy you got the first part of your gift and that it came on a day that you really needed it. Lindt chocolate is my fave and the only kind I buy. Enjoy this package and keep your eye out for package number 2 :)