Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sometimes I think my bibliophilia borders on obsession...

A little background information is necessary here. I recently reviewed the Library Wars: Love and War manga. I ended up liking the story so much I tracked down the anime and watched all 12 episodes, as well as an English translation of the first novel that the stories are based on. Since my Japanese isn't good enough to read a novel full of specialized military language, an English translation is pretty much my only option to read this baby. The PDF wouldn't load properly on my e-reader, it in fact crashed it twice, so I ended up printing out all 220 pages of it (I hate reading things on my computer). This thing was so thick I had to buy a binder for it (the only spare ones I had were teeny 1 inch ones). I labeled the spine with the appropriate info, exercising my long unused kanji, and even made a impromptu cover much the same way I used to decorate my binders in high school.

All this for the sake of one book. But it's a book with a story I love, and seeing as how it's rare that a Japanese novel I want to read gets a decent and or professional English translation (save for Kino's Journey and The Twelve Kingdoms), I consider myself lucky. Most of the time I'm pretty fortunate that a story I want to read is readily available in the bookstore or library and requires minimal effort to obtain. The odd time I'll run into an out-of-print book or a foreign language novel that I would literally give my right arm to read and results in me doing things like this in order to be able to read it period or read it in a language I can understand.

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